What we do

The Ai-Kameli Trust offers opportunities in Higher Education to students from East Timor, enabling them to contribute to the future development of their nation. Our work is rooted in our belief in the importance of education and training in building and sustaining democratic societies.

In working to achieve our mission we aspire to work in ways which

  • Identify, value and nurture potential

In selecting students for AKT scholarships our focus is on their potential and commitment to succeed and on their ability to use the opportunity both for their own benefit and for the benefit of their nation. We give priority to those students who are the most gifted and for whom it would be impossible to study without our financial support. Each student is assigned a personal mentor who meets with him/her regularly while he/she is studying and maintains contact when the new graduate returns home.

  • Help develop sustainable solutions

We give scholarships to those who will use their knowledge and skills back in East Timor and spread their knowledge for the country’s development.

  • Realise the benefits of partnership working

We recognise that by working in partnership with universities, colleges, NGOs and others we can leverage support and achieve far more than we could on our own.

  • Are relevant to the needs of East Timor

We aim to work collaboratively with governmental and non- governmental agencies and others in Timor to ensure that the courses our students selected and the courses they follow are relevant to the future development of their nation.

  • Demonstrate openness and responsible stewardship

We commit ourselves to be totally transparent in how we use the resources made available to us.

We offer a number of scholarships each year at UK universities and, over time, hope to support students studying in Timor.


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